Important steroid information for beginners and experienced athletes

To begin with, it is worth noting that steroids are full-fledged medications, and not harmless vitamins or dietary supplements, which can be used uncontrollably and at will and discretion. Anabolics, if used incorrectly, can cause a whole bunch of negative manifestations in the body. But, with the right drug and dosage, steroids become very useful for the body. That is why the selection of steroids and dosage should be done by a specialist individually, taking into account height, weight, age, gender, training intensity, metabolic rate and the desired result.
Steroid drugs are chemical analogues of the male sex hormone testosterone, which were synthesized at the end of the last century.

Application in medicine:

  1. Stimulation of weight gain in patients exhausted by a serious illness. Usually these are cancer patients or HIV-infected. Actively assigned to children and the elderly.
  2. Treatment of burns due to active stimulation of metabolism and improved blood supply.

Sports Application:

  1. Stimulation of anabolism and inhibition of catabolism. To be more precise, there is the formation of new cells of muscle tissue and inhibition of the death of old cells. Thus, the growth of muscle tissue is accelerated. For such a short time in 2 – 4 weeks, you can gain up to 9 – 12 kg, subject to active training and proper nutrition.
  2. Increased overall body stamina and quick recovery after heavy physical exertion. This property allows you to increase the time and frequency of training, and therefore accelerate the desired result.
  3. Active burning of subcutaneous fat due to the ability to bind to fat cells.
  4. The removal of excess fluid from the body, which is especially valuable during the drying period for bodybuilders.

Where is it legal to buy steroids in the USA?

In the USA, the free sale of steroids is prohibited, as in most countries, so it is legal to buy steroids only by prescription in pharmacies. Obtaining a prescription requires a lot of time, effort and finance, therefore, very often, athletes turn to the “black market” for help, getting low-quality fake steroids there, and ruin their health without getting a result. The best option is to contact the online store selling sports pharmacology. But here it was not without its nuances. Sites of online stores cannot be tracked, so this type of trade has become an excellent niche for scammers. You send them an advance payment, and they, in turn, simply disappear. In addition, most online stores work with cheap fakes, which, again, are dangerous to health.
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Tips from the experts of our online store for training and nutrition

During the period of taking steroid drugs, intensive circular training with small weights is recommended. It is preferable to increase the number of approaches and repetitions, and leave the usual weights. Training is best done under the supervision of a trainer who already had training experience in combination with steroids. The reason is that when taking steroids there is a surge of strength and there is a risk of injury during the training period.
Nutrition, which must be balanced, should not be excluded from view, only in this case the result of taking steroid drugs will not be long in coming.